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ShellHistory - 1.1.0

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Excited to announce the update of ShellHistory, 1.1.0:

  • Ability to add command to a new notebook from the context menu
  • Drag and drop commands from history to notebooks
  • Version command to shhist
  • Add context menu to notebook list (rename, delete)
  • UX improvements for Notebooks (when text is too long, buttons should not move the text on hover)
  • Sort notebooks case insensitive
  • macOS 12: specific improvements (focus on textfields, when they appear, focus on search bar)
  • macOS 12: allow using markdown in the notebook notes

ShellHistory is available with 50% discount during Black Friday / Cyber Monday (Nov 10 - Nov 30) ($5.99 instead of $11.99). Enjoy!

You can read more about ShellHistory at its own page ShellHistory.