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Printing checks from your Mac, iPhone or iPad

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This is a simple application, that allows you to print checks from your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

  • You can print checks from your Mac, iPhone or iPad.
  • All data is synchronized with iCloud.
  • Supports only one layout of checks. By CheckOMatic.
  • Supports only one currency. USD. And made specifically for USA banks.
  • Supports Face ID/ Touch ID if you want to lock your data.
  • You can create multiple accounts and switch between them.
  • You can keep track which checks you have printed and which checks were deposited.


Can I try it before buying it?

Kind of. You can purchase it, and if you decide that you don’t like it, you can request a refund from Apple. See Apple’s support article for more information.

We did not want to implement a free version mostly for the reason of fake reviews, or people might download it without reading the description. Seeing bad reviews for the application, is like hearing somebody calling your baby ugly. It is very hard to ignore it.

What kind of checks can I print with this application?

At this moment CheckCraft supports only one layout of the checks. By CheckOMatic.

You can purchase it from Amazon.

You cannot configure the layout of the check. If you wish app to support other layouts, please send us email to If we get enough requests, we will add support for other layouts.


You don’t need fancy apps to print checks, if you don’t want them. You can just use with templates to print them. Please take a look at

I have used it for a while, and even built a version of it.

Please be aware of other free alternatives on App Store, some of them collect too much information, including bank names, memos, etc. We don’t do that.

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