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OpenIn 4.0.4

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Small but big update is here for OpenIn 4. It includes some bug fixes, and a few features I want to share with you! OpenIn 4.0.4 has been published already on App Store and SetApp. App Store still has a 50% off deal (as part of Cyber Monday) for OpenIn and other applications we provide.

App Selection Icons Size

Some users got used to the size of the icons and app selection menu in OpenIn 3, so they wanted to have back ability to see the apps in the same size. Now you can configure the size of the app icons.

Icon Size Settings

For example the large will look like that now

Icon Size Large

Rules specifically for AirDrop

You can configure a rule specifically to run only when link is sent via AirDrop

Rule AirDrop

Firefox Private Mode

Firefox’s browsers come with a CLI tool that allows to configure how to launch it, and one of the options is to launch Firefox in Private mode. Now you can configure Firefox to open links in Private mode.

At this point OpenIn allows to open links in Private mode in Safari (using accessibility features), in Firefox (using cli), and most Chromium browsers (using arguments and profiles).

Firefox Private

Note: for App Store version you need to download the latest version of OpenIn Helper (4.0.4) that will support Firefox private mode. In case of SetApp it works out of the box.

Clipboard is tricky on macOS. Applications can place in Clipboard objects of different types (including URL, Plain Text or Reach Text). Before OpenIn could only recognize URL type, now it can extract URLs from Plain Text or Reach Text.

Open Link from Clipboard