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ShellHistory 2.0.0 Public Beta

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What is new?

  • Added support for Ventura, and dropping for Big Sur.
  • Huge redesign. Few things look different on Monterey and Ventura.
  • Organizing notebooks with Folders.
  • Exporting notebooks in .markdown files
  • Sharing notebooks with services, that can accept them (Notes, Message, Shortcuts)
  • Allow to ignore commands being saved in database with expression you specify in Settings. With that you can also review stored history and delete them from database.
  • Open ShellHistory from terminal with shhist search-ui “search expression”
  • You can also open ShellHistory if you ask Mac to open a url shhist://search=?
  • In search you can group duplicate commands
  • Way better support for Keyboard users
  • Improved iCloud synchronization
  • A lot of small usability and performance improvements

Start testing

I am getting ready to publish it when macOS Ventura will be out. Beta testing for version 2.0 is not available anymore.