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OpenIn - Version 3

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OpenIn - version 3.0.0 is in the Apple Store and SetApp store now! And you can download a trial version from our website.

OpenIn 3.0+ available only for Big Sur and Monterey, you can download a free version of OpenIn 2.1 from our website for macOS Catalina.

What is new?

New rules format

Instead of configuring rules for a specific application, you now configure Rules in order you want them to be executed. You can configure rules to be executed for a specific domains, or when link is opened in a specific application, or when you press key modifiers, or when OpenIn is launched from the Share Menu.

You can select which applications you want to include when the rule matches, including all applications from the list, or only running, or select from the list which apps you want to see.

Browser Rules

URL Shorteners

You can configure the list of URL domains, for which OpenIn will automatically resolve the URL before applying the rules.

URL Shorteners

Backup and restore

If you are playing with the configurations and want to create backup before you do changes, you can create the backup right from the application. And restore it later.

You can also export and import backups, which will help you to transfer configuration from one Mac to another.

Backup and restore

JavaScript scripts

OpenIn now allows you to write your own Rewrite Rules with JavaScript. For example, you can easily modify the URL before sending it to some application.

More than that, in Rules, you can write your own logic, how you want to present applications based on the custom conditions. You can override visible parameter for applications.


How Author of OpenIn uses OpenIn

To show the features of version 3.0.0, I just want to walk your through my configurations of OpenIn.


I primarily use Safari browser, and Chrome when I need it. Chrome browser I use for work, incognito mode and sometimes personal work. When I click the links 99% of the time I want them to be opened in Safari. And only when I need I want to be able to press Cmd to see Safari and Chrome browser (with various profiles). Also I have configured two applications to automatically open domain specific URLs.

In OpenIn I have

  • Safari - default configuration
  • Chrome (OS) - Google Chrome app, using Profile Default
  • Chrome (Personal) - Google Chrome app, using Profile Profile 1
  • Chrome (Incognito) - Google Chrome app, using Profile Profile 1 and selected Incognito.
  • Music - Music app with URL Rewrite rule url.protocol = 'music'
  • - Zoom app with URL RegExp Rewrite rule (that is included in OpenIn)


In the Rules tab I configured rules:

  • - for domain always open Music
  • ** - for domain ** always open Zoom
  • Cmd - when I press Cmd use Selected browsers Safari, Chrome (OS), Chrome (Personal), Chrome (Incognito).
  • Share menu - similar to previous rule, but when OpenIn is invoked from the Share Menu, show all 4 browsers.
  • Default - only use Safari, and I am also using the script from the examples to remove tracking query parameters, like utm_* and uta_*.

Browser Rules

Mail apps

I primarily use Mail app for all mailto links, but sometimes I want to open Chrome with Google Mail.

I have two Mail apps configured:

  • Mail - default mail app with default settings
  • Google Chrome - I use my work profile, and use URL Rewrite script to change mailto to Google Mail compose URL (from the example, that is shipped with OpenIn).

Mail Apps

In the rules, similarly to browsers, I have configured two rules

  • Cmd - show me all Mail apps from the list when I press Command key.
  • Default - use only Mail app.


I configured OpenIn as a default editor for a lot of files, for multiple reasons. One, I want to be sure to see if some application took ownership of being default editor for a file, and don’t want to have a surprise when I double click on the file in Finder. As OpenIn will tell me with the notification, if it is not default editor anymore for a specific file extension.

Secondary, I want to be able to select from multiple applications most of the time, when I open file from Finder.

For example, I open .xcodeproj files in Sublime Text and Xcode. For Sublime Text I have configured a Path Rewrite rule to open the containing folder, instead of file itself.

xcodeproj configuration