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OpenIn - Version 3 - Public beta

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Excited to share the news, that OpenIn version 3.0 is getting close to be released!

I believe with Version 3.0 I have simplified experience for regular users, and seriously improved for advanced users!

Let’s talk about what is new with OpenIn

New interface for Rules


You can configure as many rules as you need, based on where the link or file was opened, or based on the domains or file path define which apps you want to use. You can also configure which apps you want to show based on the key modifiers, and tell OpenIn to only show you list of running apps!

Custom scripts


You can use JavaScript to rewrite the link for a specific application, or at the end, when rule executed, you can modify the URL (I use it for removing tracking search params, like utm). And you can even overwrite which apps you want to show.

URL Shorteners


Rules work better, if we resolve the URLs from the URL Shorteners, now it is possible with OpenIn as well! We even import the list of known domains, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Other features

There is some list of other improved features

  • Polished interface (still not finished, but way improved!)
  • Support for printing jobs (for example, pressing Cmd+P on a file in Finder)
  • Support for multiple opened files, links
  • Support for numeric keyboard in app selection dialog

Backup your data

If you used OpenIn version 2.0, please make sure to backup your data. Just in case if you need to downgrade, or something goes wrong, make sure to backup your current data. If you have not used OpenIn before you can skip this step.

If you are using OpenIn from App Store please backup this folder

~/Library/Containers/app.loshadki.OpenIn/Data/Library/Application Support/OpenIn/

If you are using OpenIn from SetApp

~/Library/Application Support/OpenIn

Create an archive of this folder and copy it somewhere safe. If you will decide to move back to v2, you can just export it back to the folders, mentioned above.

Just a quick note, in version 3 app relocates data to the app container, so SetApp and AppStore versions will use the same location for the data. And it is going to be

~/Library/Group Containers/ Support/OpenIn

If you are using SetApp application, considering that this is an App Store version, you need to copy manually the data from SetApp data folder to group data folder. Close the app, and in terminal run the following commands

mkdir -p ~/Library/Group Containers/\ Support/OpenIn
cp -fR ~/Library/Application\ Support/OpenIn/* ~/Library/Group Containers/\ Support/OpenIn

How to get access to OpenIn - version 3.0

With the release of macOS Monterey, Apple gave us access to distribute applications via TestFlight.

Please self-signed on this public link (you need to be on macOS Monterey)

TestFlight - OpenIn

Other notes

You can read more about OpenIn at its own page OpenIn. With version 3.0 I am planning to remove the Pro mode, and the application will cost $9.99 on App Store, right now I am running a sell 50% off, so the price is $4.99 and the Pro features are free. If you like OpenIn - Version 3.0, right now is the moment to grab it from the App Store as well.