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Meet CloudAnalytics for AWS Amplify

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Cloud Analytics for AWS Amplify

Meet CloudAnalytics for AWS Amplify, our new cross-platform application! With Cloud Analytics you will be able to monitor websites hosted on AWS Amplify. One example could be a static website produced by Hugo.

CloudAnalytics downloads Access Logs from AWS Amplify apps in the local database, parses User-Agent Strings, finding the GEO locations of the requests based on the IP addresses. With parsed User-Agent strings we can identify real users and bots, helping you get accurate information about the number of users, and their behavior.

CloudAnalytics is available on iPhone (iOS 14.4+), iPad (iPadOS 14.4+) and macOS (Big Sur 11.1+). You can download a free macOS version from our website or purchase cross-platform application from App Store for $9.99. There is no difference between the free macOS application and the one hosted in Apple Store, with Apple Store purchase you get all 3 of them, and automatic updates.

You can read more about the CloudAnalytics on our website Cloud Analytics for AWS Amplify.

Cloud Analytics was removed from the App Store because of low interest.